Kerala is one of those few places in the world which is blessed with natural beauty. The state is home to a variety of landscapes. From beautiful alluring beaches and backwaters of Kappil to hill stations like Munnar Kerala is surely God’s own land.  

The beautiful valleys of Kerala have always attracted thousands of visitors every year. The enchanting hills mesmerize us every time we visit this beautiful state. One such Enchanting place is the Vagamon Hills. Located on the borders of Idukki Kottayam Vagamon hills is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala.  

This quiet little offbeat hill station has breathtaking tourist spots all around. With that, there are dense pine forests, waterfalls, tea estates, and mesmerizing meadows.  While this all was enough for us to visit this alluring place but there are also ample adventure opportunities here to look for.

vagamon hills

From trekking, cycling, rock climbing to paragliding, and many more adventure activities Vagamon has become a new hotspot for adventure tourism in Kerala. Visitors even can participate in the International Paragliding festival here in Vagamon to show their talents.

Vagamon is a hill station comprised of beautiful series of valleys, waterfalls, hillocks that makes it the best destination for tourists. The zig-zag roads winding up the hills is one of the most blissful experiences. With such landscape and location, Vagamon surely is loved by everyone.  

Places To Visit in Vagamon Hills

Vagamon Pine Forest

 One of the most famous things about the Vagamon hills is the pine forest. The first place you should visit after coming here must be the Pine forest. The green forest with tall standing pine trees gives a unique experience.

You will be also glad to know that many film shootings have been done here. So you can easily imagine how serene it would have been. While this pine forest was actually not natural. This man-made forest was created during the British era and today also it is standing tall and beautiful.

vagamon hills

Marmala Waterfall

One of the most beautiful and captivating waterfall is shrouded by thick greenery is the Marmala waterfalls. The Marmala waterfalls is located along the Erattupetta route. While the waterfalls earlier was not for public. It was due to the fact that it was inside a private estate.

But now as it is open for the public it has become one of the most famous places to visit in the Vagamon hills. The chirping sound of the birds with the waterfalls sound is surely one of the most blissful experiences. You can hear beautiful sounds in the backdrop which makes it a very peaceful and pristine place in Vagamon.

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marmala waterfalls

Thangal Para

While Thangal para is a very recognized pilgrim place but it is also one of the most visited places in Vagamon hills. The name Thangal[ara refers to a huge rock that site on the edge. IT  is believed that it was once the resting place o Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba who is a very highly revered Sufi Saint. The place offers one of the most beautiful views of the valley hence making it a top spot to visit.

vagamon hills

 Vagamon Lake

 You can’t miss the boating adventure whenever you are here. Vagamon Lake is a spectacular lake in the area. It is one of the best sightseeing locations within this town. Here you can take on any adventures such as boating, rowing, pedaling and many more, While this lake is not as big as Kappil Lake but surely it is enough for your boating adventure.

The lake is bordered by hills and surrounded by green lush valleys which makes it one of the best places to visit in Vagamon.  This nice little place is best when you take long walks around here. The calmness and sereness of this lake are one of a kind.

vagamon lake

Mundakayam Ghat:

 Mundakayam Ghar is another place which you must visit when you are here. The Blue peaks and above them hangs a smoky gray sky. The beauty cannot be put into the words it can only be experienced. The ghar I sone of the most popular place for sunset and sunrise.

While as alluring and easy it looks it is a bit difficult to venture into. The rocky and unfavorable terrain makes it a bit difficult. While as soon as you reach you are welcomed by green hills, breathtaking waterfalls, and grey sky. Mundakyam Ghat at that time surely feels heavenly.

Barren Hills

While it may sound Barren but Barren is one of the most attention grabber places in Vagamon hills. Barren hills run on the season cycle. The lush green hills changes to a barren hill on another season. So you must visit it while in Monsoon or Winters.  In those seasons it is completely filled with lush thick greenery while it can be barren in summers.

Barren Hills is one place in Vagamon hat has different sceneries in store for you according to the changing seasons. Filled with thick greenery during monsoon and winters while it would turn Barren during summers.

vagamon hills


 How can you miss the meadows of the Vagamon hills? The lush green scenic view of these meadows will make you spellbound. The mystic hills offer peace and is one of the most charming destinations to be at.

vagamon hills

Idukki Dam

 Visit one of the most beautiful dams in the world. The Idukki Dam is one of the most famous dams in the world due to its double curvature arch construct. This arch is one of the highest arch dams In the whole of Asia. Only a 2-hour journey from Vagamon hills will take you to these spell bounding dam. The dam is across the beautiful Periyar river.

IT is another geometric marvel when you look over it. The dam is between two granite hills of the area. Kuravan and Kurathi are the two hills upon which this dam is. The dam surely looks like from someone’s beautiful imagination directly on to the earth’s canvas.

idukki dam

Things to Do in Vagamon hills


The most enticing activity which you can do in the Vagamon hills is paragliding. The most popular activity here in the town is breathtaking. The moment you set foot on the hilltop you get the urge to fly down. Let break those barriers and fly like an eagle while hovering around the area. See the beautiful valleys and relive the moments.             


 With these many places and hills, you can go for trekking any where in the area. You can fo to hills, mountains, or even waterfalls areas for the trekking adventure. The best trekking adventure which I recommend you is the Marmala Waterfall trek. A short yet extremely beautiful trek that will mesmerize you with the result.

trekking in agumbe


 As discussed earlier the Vagamon Lake provides you with the opportunity for boating. Not only boating you can row and pedal around too. The nice serene calm place is best for those who seek peace. The silence and tranquility of the surrounding place is one of a kind.

 Best time to visit Vagamon hills

The best time to visit the Vagamon hills is from November to March. The temperature at this time is ambient and all those adventures can be easily taken at this time of the year. While a detailed season wise break is given below. 


 Summers is calm and pleasant for Vagamon. The temperature is scorching hot around India but at this time of the year, this place receives around 25 degrees Celsius of temperature. This place is best for those who want to beat the summer heat. This could be your ideal summer holiday trip to Kerala.


 Kerala receives one of the highest rainfall in India. This unique season brings added charm to the valley. The hills are lush and green which is a visual treat for the eyes. The waterfalls, rivers, and dams are full also which is an added bonus. But for adventure enthusiasts, this season is not that great. Paragliding and trekking activities are limited at this point of the year. Hence if you love adventure so you should not visit in monsoon although the scenery is very beautiful.


As said earlier winters are the best time to visit. The breathtaking view of the valley at this time of the year is surely mesmerizing. You should not miss the early morning fog and mist. Sunrise and sunset look magical in winters. The temperature is very good for traveling around. You can do any adventure activity in winter too. But make sure you are carrying enough clothes. As it can get a bit chilly in winters.

vagamon hills

How to Reach Vagamon hills

While the place does not have its own airport or railway station but is well connected to the nearby ones. Below are the ways to reach Vagamon hills

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 Reaching By Air

 While Vagamon does not have its own airport but the nearest airport to it is the Cochin International Airport. The Kochi international airport is around 120 km from here. The airport is well connected to all the major national and international destinations. You can easily hire a taxi from here to reach the Vagamon hills.

 Reaching By Train

 Like the airport, the town does not have its own railway station. The nearest railway station to Vagamon is Kottayam Railway Station,. Kottayam railway station is located at a distance of 64 km.  The railway station is well connected to major cities of India. You can get a taxi from the railway station to reach the town.

 Reaching By Road

 While above two methods were good but if you want to enjoy the beauty of Kerala then a road trip is a must.  The most convenient way to reach  Vagamon is via road only. There are buses running all over from Kerala to reach this town.

 While if you are coming on your own from Kochi then take Sh 14 to reach here. It will take you around 3 hours to reach here.  Wile Kottyaam is only 63 km from here and takes Ettumanoor- erattupetta-poonjar road to reach here.

vagamon hills

Frequently Asked Questions About Vagamon Hills

What is Vagamon Famous for?

Vagamon is one of the most exiquisite places in Kerala. IT is famous for its waterfalls, valleys, hills, meadows, tea estates and adventure activites.

Is Vagamon Hills worth visiting?

Vagamon offers travelers a full package. From adventure activites to some of the most enthralling view Vagamon is surely worth visiting.

What are the best places to eat out in Vagamon?

Vagamon is also loved by foodies too. There are lot of varities available here in Vagamon to look for. The best place  eat out here in Vagamon is The Green house restuaranta and the Palozhukumpara Restaurant.

What can I shop in Vagamon hills ?

You can shop for Choclates which are made here only. Also the tea of the hills are famous worldwide.  Coffee and Cinnamon are also made here only which are famous all over the world.

So when are you planning to visit this enthralling Vagamon hills? This hidden gem of Kerala is surely a must go to place on your list. You cannot find a better combo of a place. From adventure sports to tens of places to visit Vagamon leaves you spell bounded.

Whenever you are traveling to these alluring hills so let me know about your experience and stay here in comments.

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Happy travelling.   

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