Sikkim has always been a favourite tourist destination for tourists. It is due to its lush green valleys, serene locations, exotic falls, never ending Himalayan range, and lovely people. Sikkim has enticed all us for years and it has become one of the most popular vacation destinations.

While most people love it for its locations but there are few unexplored paths here in Sikkim which remain unknown but are one of the most beautiful ones. I am talking about the Varsey trek in Sikkim.  While places like Zuluk, Shillong are already famous in Sikkim but these unexplored paths of Varsey are still not known to many.


Varsey trek is a wonderful Himalayan trek that is adorned with dense forest, lush green valleys, exotic flowers like rhododendron, and a wide variety of flora and fauna.  Being a short and easy trek that can be completed in few days only Varsey trek remains favorite of people looking for adventure in Sikkim.  The main attraction of this trek is the  Rhododendron Sanctuary at Hilley Varsey. This beautiful sanctuary is spread un an area of around 104 sq km. This alluring sanctuary is along the Singalila Ridge which forms an astonishing boundary between India and Nepal. 

Facts about Varsey Trek

  • Place: Near Pemayangtse
  • Maximum Altitude:3060 m
  • Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate.
  • Railway Station: NJP Sillugiri West Bengal
  • Airport:  Bagdogra Airport

Itinerary for Varsey Trek

 Day1 Reach Bagdogra Airport

Reach the beautiful Bagdogra airport as your journey for Vasrsey trek starts today from here only. From Bagdogra airport, will have to reach Kalimpong. The distance between Gangtok and Bagdogra is around 76 km only. The drive from the airport to Kalimpong is one of the most beautiful rides one could take.


The drive passes through the magnetic river Teesta. Teesta is one of the most beautiful and highly revered rivers in the area. The river Teesta itself is one of the major tourist attractions. Take some time to see this majestic beauty. After then we will reach Kalimpong. While if you have time you can go to Gangtok and travel around Gangtok for sightseeing and other activities. Gangtok itself is one of the most alluring and enchanting places. Get a good night’s sleep as tomorrow we will be starting our journey further from here.


Day 2 Kalimpong to Damthong via Pemayangste (West Sikkim)

While you can surely stay there in Gangtok for a few more days and visite the exotic places there. IN Gangtok you can see the Tibetan market, Rumtek Monastery, Tibetan Research Institute, and other places. But I went ahead straight for our Varsey Trek.

From Kalimpong, we moved to Pemayangste in West Sikkim. Pemayangaste is around 88 km away. The beautiful journey of Gangtok to Pemayangste can be completed in only 3 hours. You will be mesmerized with the views and enchanting valleys around the area.  Then from Pemayangste we only have to drive 2 hours extra to reach Damthong.

There are various tea estate around the route which you must visit. As the journey, today was only 5 hours, and trekking further is not a great option you can visit the Swiss cheese factory here in Pemayangste. It is an ancient Cheese factory which is en route from Kalimpong to Pemayangste. 

Also with that, there are various tea estates here., You must visit the Themi Tea estate as it is one of the biggest and beautiful tea estates. The lush green tea valleys, with that you can see workers plucking tea. The overall aura of this place is extremely beautiful.  

From Pemayangste we further moved to the beautiful town of Damthong. Damthong will be our stay for tonight as tomorrow we will be going to Varsey.

Day 3 Damthong and Hilley and then  Varsery

 Today we will start our real trek journey of this Varsey trek. To start trekking for Varsey we will have to reach the nearest motorable place, Hilley. Hilley is the last motorable road if you want to reach the sanctuary.  

We started our journey very early. As we have already have booked a car so we started as early as 4:30 in the morning for Hilley from Damthing towards Hilley.  The route is extremely beautiful. You can see many exotic flowers, birds, and enchanting valleys in the route.


Hilley being the last motorable road remains in one of the most remote areas of Sikkim. So we reached Hilley in only 2 and a half hours. The journey was short and simple. From Hilley, we started trekking for the Varsery Rhododendron Sanctuary. Now, this is the first time when we are actually trekking in this Varsey trek route.

 The trek is dotted with beautiful Rhododendron and beautiful birds. The views are majestic and beautiful.  There is a check point when you reach Varsey, at the gate of the Varsey Rhododendron sanctuary only. We could not find anyone there and go ahead with our trip.

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Varsey Trek

As soon as you enter the sanctuary there is a check point at the gate itself. As we could not see anyone at that point of the time so we went ahead on our Varsery trek journey. As soon as you cross the gate you will see the dense pine forest welcoming you.  You start to feel that all your travel and trekking is now going to pay you when you see such a beautiful view.


The Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places to see and soak yourself. The sanctuary is situated between Singalila National park and Kangchendzonga biosphere reserve. The altitude at this point is around 3000 m and above. The view says it all.

All around you could see various species of Rhododendron. Various types, various color and which looks extremely beautiful.

Day 4 Stay at the sanctuary

See the magical night of Varsery when you camp up there.  Camping with your friends at this height is one of the most memorable experiences.  See the beautiful surrounding of this sanctuary. At night when you see such a magical place, you tend to forget all your worries and problem and just focus on this magical night.


 Please do remember to not to litter around and take all your garbage with you.

Day 5  Varsey to Phur Cha Cho

Trek down to Hilley. Now your Varsey trek is coming to an end. We will get to Phur Cha Cho from here. Phur Cha Cho is only 68 km from here. Today it will be our stay point. Only in a few hours, we will reach this ancient and beautiful place.

 You can camp here in Phur Cha Cho also. You can visit the holy caves of KHandu and Samphu. The place is very serene where you will love to spend your time.

Varsey Trek

 Day 6 Phur Cha Cho to Bagdogra

 From Phur Cha Cho we will go to Mirik. Mirik is around 110 km from here. Mirik is in West Bengal and then we will go to Bagdogra airport. Today is our last day before flying back to our home. Varsey trek has been an amazing journey. It is such a unique experience. Being a sweet short trek is one of the most lovely ones also.

Varsey Trek Route Map

Varsey Trek Route Map

Best Time to Do the Varsey trek

 While the Varsey trek can be done any time of the year but the real beauty of this trek in the months of December to April. You can see the colorful rhododendron at this time only. There are available in different colors and species here in the valley.

You can however go here in Summers but it is hard to find the flowers. While if you are doing it only because you love trekking than surely you can. While monsoon season should completely be avoided. The area receives a good amount of rainfall and hence it is not a viable option to go for trekking at this time.

Varsey Trek

 How to reach

 Reaching by air

The nearest airport to reach Varsery is the Bagdogra airport. Bagdogra airport is a well connected airport. You can find flights from popular destinations like Delhi, Guwahati, Kolkata, etc for Bagdogra. You can get a taxi here from Bagdogra to reach Gangtok and then from Gangtok you can move further ahead.  

Reaching by Train

The New Jalpaiguri railway station is the nearest railway station to reach Varsery.  This is one of the most popular railway stations as it is one of the major routes for Sikkim. This railway station is in Siliguri and is known as the gateway to North Bengal, Sikkim, North east India, and Bhutan.

Being one of the most popular railway stations there are many trains running from all over India for this railway station. This major railways station connects to the Kolkata railway station where the train runs from all major cities like Chennai, Banglore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

You can get a taxi from this railway station to Gangtok and then further ahead.

Varsey Trek

Reaching by road

Sikkim is well connected by road. One can reach Varsery via Gangtok and you can easily get bus and taxi for Gangtok. There are various public and private buses running from all the major nearby stated for Gangtok.

So when are you taking this epic journey to this wonderful and exciting trek?   Varsery trek is one of the most beautiful treks which connects us with nature. While going on this trek I am sure you will be able to connect with all the things which I have mentioned here. You will be in shock to see such a beautiful place. The experience you will get after visiting this adventurous and beautiful place is very rich. Also. do not forget to comment down below and tell me about your travel and trekking experience, also do not forget to mention all the activities which you did when you up there.
Varsey Trek

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Happy travelling.

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