Maharastra has always excited all of us with its beaches and exotic places. While the beaches in Maharashtra such has Dahanu or Alibag are considered one of the best but  I will say Treks like Mangi Tungi and Kalavantin Durg trek are also making a name in the town. Trekkers, adventure lovers, and travelers are finding new places to explore. In this series of Unexplored Places, we bring you yet another unexplored place of Maharashtra known as Vijaydurg Fort.

Vijaydurg is a small town located in the Maharashtra state, The place lies along India’s coastline. Vijaydurg Fort is somewhere around 485 km from Mumbai and lies in the district of Sindhudurga.  The fort is an excellent piece of craft and was a powerhouse of Great Marathas. The fort which was formerly known as Geriah is constructed using Laterite stones. There are a 10 m high compound wall which is around 300ft away from the fort. This used to serve as a defense against attacking ships.

This tactic proved very efficient for the Maratha empire as ships used to collide with the wall they used to sink. This history, culture, and architecture rich place are located between the Arabian Sea on one side and the Sahayadri Ranges on the other. This combination of beauty with history makes it a must-visit.

A bit of History about Vijaydurg Fort

The Vijaydurg Fort remains a solid proof of how powerful and advance the Great Maratha empire was. The Vijaydurf fort remains an example of their Naval Power and Brilliance. The history of Vijaydurg fort dates as bak as to 1205. The fort was com=nstructed by then ruler Raja Bhoj. This fort is one of the oldest forts around the Sindhudurg coast area. When The fort was constructed it was famously called gheria due to being in village Girye.

vijaydurg fort

But years later this fort was captured by Adilshaha. It was then again reconquered by  Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1653. He defeated the king of Bijapur Adilshaha and conquered this fort. So when this fort came under the control of Shivaji Maharaj the fort was renamed as the Vijaydurg fort. The literal meaning of Vijaydurg is Victory as this fort was a symbol of victory itself.  

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According to early historians and architects when the fort was captured the total area of this fort was somewhere around 5 acred. The Vijaydurg fort was covered by the Arabian sea on all sides. The fort was one of the epicenters during the Maratha empire under Shivaji Maharaj.  The fort was among those two favorite forts of the King where he himself used to hoist the flag. When Vijaydurg Fort was first constructed, it occupied a total area of 5 acres and was surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all sides.

After a few years, when the eastern channel was a dugout, roads were constructed on one side providing pedestrian access to the fort. Now the fort is surrounded by the sea on three sides only. During the regime of Chatrapati Shivaji, three great fort walls were constructed increasing the total area of the fort to 17 acres.

vijaydurg fort

This  Vijaydurg fort was famously known as, “Eastern Gibraltar,”. This fort was as robust and impenetrable as the European Gibraltar. This was due to the excellent location of this fort. One of the advantages of this fort was a40 km long Creek containing shallow waters.  Thus this lengthy kharepatan creek did not allow any of the big ships to come and attack. The tactics and location with the right execution made this fort almost impenetrable.

How is the architecture of Vijaydurg Fort?

Vijaydurg Fort is one of the most well-built forts of its time. While in its earlier glory day s it was well made but after it was under Shivaji Maharaj it grew into something splendid. The fort has a 200 m long underwater tunnel. This tunnel is completely man-made and was used as an escape route by Marathas. This tunnel is well ventilated and now is a major tourist attraction for people.

There is a 10 m tall wall some 300 ft away from the fort. The wall serves as a barrier fo the enemy ships.  About 1.5 km from the fort there is wagjotan creek. The creek acted as the repair dock for Maratha warships.

What to see inside the fort?

 From gates to cemeteries everything here is a prove of rich Maratha history. There are many places inside the fort which you ust not leave such as

  • Balekhilyacha stealth gate,
     Gate to the underground escape way,
  • Well, Cemeteries,
  •  Padkotachi Boundary wall
  • , Gunpowder mixing stations
  •  Vetaal Bastion,
  •  Tutka Bastion,
  •  Sikhara Bastion,
  • Sindhi Bastion Gate to the underground way to reach Ghanchi Bastion
  • Balekhilyachi Boundary wall,
  •  Chuna Malnyacha Ghana,
  • , Yeshwant Gate and Main entrance gate.
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And Many other.

vijaydurg fort

 Places to visit around the Vijaydurg Fort

There is another fort nearby the Vijaydurg Fort. The Torana fort is another great place near it. You must also visit the Rameshwar temple which is a very age-old temple here in Vijaydurg. The temple is highly revered and sacred for the people of Vijaydurg. There are other temples also such as Maruti temple, Mahadev temple which you can visit here in Vijaydurg.

While there is a little exotic place near Vijaydurg fort the beach of Vijaydurg. That is a nice little place to hang out with family and loved ones. The beach is usually not that popular hence making the best destination if you are seeking some peace.  If you are looking for beaches around Vijaydurg then you should also visit the Girye beach which is also very near to the Vijaydurg fort.  You must also not miss the Vijaydurg port. This port was one of the biggest ports in its era. While now it’s not that big but still it is a quit little nice place to visit around Vijaydurg.  

vijaydurg fort

Don’t Miss the local cuisine.

While you are in town I must force you not to miss the authentic cuisine with street food too. When you are around Vijaydurg you will have a great opportunity to eat some authentic Seafood. The seafood here is one of the best. There are hundreds of fishes species which are cooked, baked, roasted and what nit. With fishes, you must not miss the local Malvani Curry. The Malvani curry has been a great discovery when I visited the Vijaydurg fort. Malvani Curry and Sol Kadhi are a must-try whenever you are here.

With that, you can also try some natural and homegrown fruits of Vijaygarh. Vijaygarh is famous for its Alphonso Mangoes. These mangoes are world-famous and are very high in demand.  Cashew and Jackfruit are two things that are locally grown at very high quality too. There is even a Cashew factory which you can visit in Vijadurg.

vijaydurg fort

Best Time To Visit Vijaydurg  Fort

 While Vijaydurg fort is open all year round and you can visit this fort any time of the year. But the best time to visit the Vijaydurg fort is from September to March.

IN summer Viajaydurg temperature is very high. On average Vijadurg temperate hovers somewhere around 35 degrees in June. At this time it gets a bit hot but still, the visit is doable


While for monsoon as you know the Vijaydurg fort is in the coastal area side so it is no brainer that at this time it is a bit risky to visit the fort. But at this time you will surely see a splendid view of the hills for sure.

 Winters, however, are the best time to visit the fort. Not only the temperature is cool but traveling is fun in Winters. You can easily visit places around Vijaydurg too.

 How is Vijaydurg Weather

 Being around the coastal area the temperature of Vijaydurg is Semitropical. The temperature and weather remain pretty all year round. While it can get a bit hot in summers but Monsoon and winters are cool and soothing. With monsoon rainfall, Vijaydurg gets painted and looks very fresh.

 How To Reach Vijaydurg

Vijaydurg is accessible via all means of transport.

Travelling via Air

 The nearest airport from, Vijaydurg is the Panaji airport in Goa. The Panaji airport in Goa is around 181 km. This distance can easily be covered in 4 hours. Panaji airport is very well connected to popular cities in not only India but around the world. You can find taxis outside the airport to reach the Vijaydurg fort.

Travelling by train

While if you are travelling by train then two railway stations are pretty near Vijaydurg. The Kudal and Rajapur railway station is nearest to Vijaydurg. Rajapur is around 50 km from Vijaydurg and is only an hour away from here Whereas Kudal is around 107 km from here and can be covered in a 2 and half hour ride.  You can find taxis from both the station for the Vijadurg fort.

Travelling by road

Vijaydurg is well connected via road too. It will be a very good option to complete your journey via road if you are traveling from Maharashtra or Goa. The big cities like Pune, Mumbai, and Panaji are connected via buses and taxis.

Mumbai is around 423 km from Vijaydurg and it takes around 10 hours to reach Vijaydurg from Mumbai. Pune is around 358 km and it takes around 8 hours to reach the Vijadurg fort.

So when are you travelling to Vijaydurg fort. Do let me know on the comments.

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Happy travelling.

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