Odisha being one of the most exotic destination has always enticed travelers from around the globe.  The state of Odisha boast of  some of the most breathtaking destination. While primarily Odisha is a culturally and religiously very important state as it is home to Lord Jagannath but the beaches of Odisha too attract thousands of people.

 The olive ridley turtle beach or the exotic  Puri beach the state has some of the most unique offerings for travelers. With these, there is one very alluring and exquisite Gopalpur beach. Gopalpur beach is one of the most famous beaches in Odisha but is still unknown to many outside this beautiful state.

Gopalpur Beach

Just imagine the long gold coast, you with your loved ones exploring this beautiful clean beach. The horizon which seems very far yer near where the sky meets the sea.  You with your family munching on the street food near the beach. Be it bhelpuri or Ice cream you cannot resist taking a bite. With all these you also have your privacy, you find yourself in a peaceful environment that’s what Gopalpur beach is. The charm of this beach while cannot of writing but only can be experienced and felt.

Gopalpur beach is in the coastal town of Gopalpur. This coastal town is in the Ganjam district in the southern part of Odisha.  Gopalpur faces the mighty Bay of Bengal and is only around 3 hours away from Bhubaneswar. Due to its close proximity to many big cities, it has become a popular destination here in Odisha.

Why Gopalpur beach is famous?

 The serene and picturesque beach of Gopalpur is famous for its Golden coast, peaceful environment, and numerous sea creatures. With Crabs, prawns, sea shells, and snails you can find thousands of other creatures near the beach. Also, the beach is very near to popular Indian cities like Bhubaneshwar, puri, Kolkata, and many others and it is a nice weekend trip with your family.  

Gopalpur Beach

History of Gopalpur beach

While it is an exotic place but Gopalpur holds a major part in Indian history too. You will be fascinated to know Gopalpur was a major town during the Kalinga Dynasty. Initially, the name was Paloura and for centuries it was called so. When in the 18th century Lord Krishna temple was constructed it’s named changed to Gopalpur which is yet another name of Lord Krishna(Gopal).

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 Basically Gopalpur is a fishing town and has been for centuries. It has always been one of the biggest trading routes for many kings, queens and even for Britishers. The East India Company had built large warehouses and godowns here in the area as it was one of their biggest trading points. The East India Company traded with Burma at that time and rice was one of the biggest traded items.

Gopalpur Beach

As its popularity grew overtime many resorts and hotels were built around the beach. Many wealthy Bengalis from Calcutta made Gopalpur as their most favorite exotic holiday home. While when today you look you will be in shock that It looks not the same as what it would have been during the British era. It is because as trade with Burma dwindled abruptly these places slowly faded away. While its charm as a popular trading point is gone away now but its charm as an exotic holiday destination is still present.

What to Do around Gopalpur beach

    Fish Hunting

 Gopalpur is basically a fishing town and if you love catching fish then you are in the best place.  The local fisherman community here is very friendly and you will be welcomed grandly here. Go on and take some adventures.  You can find many other people around the beach doing the same.

Gopalpur Beach

Find Sea creatures

Find crabs, sea shells, prawns, and other exotic sea creatures here at the beach.  In the evening you can find thousands of these sea creatures around the beach. The view is extremely alluring and enticing.  Also in the evening, you will see many many fisherman boats which are fastened ashore. The view at this time is pretty magical.

sea shell in Chandipur Beach

Explore the long coastline

The golden coast of Gopalpur is perfect for couples and families. While children are busy making sandcastles you with your loved ones can go on a beautiful long walk. The beach is clean and hence your experience is nice.  See the magical sunset enjoy the vast blue sea.  Gopalpur beach is not crowded like other beaches in India. You will love the peace and tranquility this place has to offer you.

Taste the amazing food

Some of the most exotic dishes you can find here around the beach and in Gopalpur too. Around the beach, you can find many stalls that are offering you some great snacks. You can find bhelpuri, nameekens, and icecreams around the beach. While I would recommend you trying out some authentic Odisha delicacies too. Odia food is one of the tastiest food which you must try.

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In Gopalpur beach, you can find prawns, fishes, crabs, and many other exotic sea food. The food is made in typical Odia style with a lot of chilies and masala.

orissa food

Places to visit around Gopalpur

Chilka Lake

Only around 45 km from Gopalpur is situated the beautiful Chilka Lake. Chilka lake spreads over an area of more than 1100 sq km. Chilka lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Odisha. This beautiful lake attracts thousands of migratory birds. Chilka lake is one of the largest brackish water lakes in the country.

chilika beach


 The literal meaning of Taptapani is hot water. This hot water sulfur spring is one of the most beautiful places you can be around. This hot water spring is only around 67 km from Gopalpur.


Festival Around Gopalpur

You must not miss the 2 day festival which is celebrated here at Gopalpur. PAGo or Public Arts in Gopalpur is a nice 2 day festival celebrated here in Gopalpur every year. In the month of April, you could see this beautiful town lighting up. Go on and explore the art, culture, and tradition of Odisha. At this time you will see some of the most fascinating sculptures and art here at the beach.

 You can see there are many art installations on the beach. You will be mesmerized to see the authentic and ancient Gopalpur’s silk weaving tradition here.  The festival is one of the most exciting festivals to be in while you are here at the beach.

Where to Stay?

 Gopalpur is a very famous among people of Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and many other nearby states. Due to its popularity, there are many resorts and hotels for you to stay.  You can find various hotels from luxury to affordable here in Gopalpur.

Some of the most famous ones are Seaview Resort Gopalpur and also Mayfair Palm beach resort which offers some of the most splendid and beautiful views. The breathtaking view of the beach from your windows is very alluring. Also, these are right near the beach so all your late night walks with your loved ones are possible.

Gopalpur Beach

Best Time To Visit Gopalpur Beach

Being a beach the place has quite a uniform temperature throughout the year but the best time to visit Gopalpur beach is from December to April. The temperature at this time max goes up to 26 degrees Celsius while the lowest temperature reaches 16 degrees celsius. Also in the months of April, you can witness the Gopalpur festival.

While summer too is a nice season to see and explore this beautiful beach but during summers the temperature hovers around good 38 degrees celsius. It also becomes a little humid here in Summers. Traveling around Odisha becomes a little painful during Summers.

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While monsoon brings in rain and temperatures hovers around 30 degrees celsius but being coastal area Gopalpur receives some extreme weather forms. From storms to heavy rains it receives all. One must be very cautious in traveling the coastal area at this time.

How To Reach Gopalpur

 Reaching By Air

The nearest airport from Gopalpur is in Bhubaneshwar. Bhubaneswar airport is only around 180 km from here.  Bhubaneshwar is very well connected to all the major Indian cities like Delhi and Kolkata. You can reach Gopalpur from Bhubaneshwar in only 3 hours. You can easily find a taxi from the airport to reach this beautiful beach.

Reaching By Rail

From the beach the nearest railway station is Berhampur. Behrampur railway station is on the Howrah-Chennai line of Southeastern Railway. Behrampur is only around 15 km away from Gopalpur and you can reach here in only half hour. The railway station is well connected as one can take trains to Calcutta and Chennai from this place. You can take a taxi from the railway station to reach the airport.

Reaching By Road

Gopalpur is well connected to all the major cities of Odisha. Barkul is around 75 km from here, Bhubaneswar is around 180 km, Puri is 242 km and Behrampur is only 15 km. One can easily reach here via NH16.

While there are no direct buses for Gopalpur. One can take Bus till Behrampur the nearest big town and then come here to the beach. One can easily find a taxi from Behrampur to reach the beach.

So when are you going on this beautiful journey of this exquisite beach? One will surely be mesmerized and enticed by such a beautiful and adventurous beach. Do tell me about how was your experience around the beach and also do not forget to comment down below about your stay and travel experience.

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