Tamil Nadu in Southern India has always been appreciated for its beautiful beaches, valleys, tea estates, and hills. The beautiful state has attracted thousands of visitors over the years with so many beautiful places to visit.

While popular places like Ooty or Tharangambadi gets a lot of attention but there are thousands of other places in Tamil Nadu which are even more beautiful. As we saw with Kalrayan and Sirumalai these hills are so beautiful yet are not known to many. Another such beautiful hill in Tamil Nadu is Yelagiri hills and the hills are one of the most enchanting ones.

Yelagiri hills in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu is one of the most alluring places with its lush green valleys. The hills are also home to some of the most adventurous tasks such as Trekking, rock climbing, and Paragliding. The hills are located around 1700 meters above the sea level and comprise 14 hamlets.

Yelagiri hills

These 14 hamlets are spread over miscellaneous hills. The green valleys of Yelagiri have surrounded by exquisite hills such as Swamimalai hills, Javadi hills, and Palamathi hills. These hills are not only enchanting ones but also are some of the most adventurous also offering you a number of options for trekking and camping.

Yelagiri is not only about hills but also the number of places it offers is countless. From a small weekend trip to a big family vacation, Yelagiri seems a perfect choice for all these. Waterfalls, lakes, zoo, temple Yelagiri has every sort of place for everyone in its list.

Places to visit in Yelagiri Hills

 Jalagamparai Waterfalls

One of the most famous and beautiful places to visit here in Yelagiri is  Jalagamparai Waterfalls. These alluring and enticing waterfalls are a local favorite too. The waterfall is only 5 km away from Yelagiri downhill. While you can visit these waterfalls any time of the year but monsoon and post monsoon remains the best time to visit these. A short trek from the hills to these falls is the best option to reach the falls. The short trek becomes extremely beautiful during the way.

Jalagamparai waterfalls
Trekking way to Jalagamparai Waterfalls

Punganoor Lake  and Park

Do not miss the beautiful Punganoor Lake while you are here in the area. Just imagine the beautiful enchanting lake which is surrounded by beautiful valleys and hills all around here. Punganoor Lake  looks so alluring and hence you can see many people visiting this beautiful place

This man made lake is located in the midst of hills. Around the lake, there is a beautiful park also. The park is surrounding the lake and it is a nice place to relax and unwind. The park has a musical fountain which is meant for the entertainment of children. While the park is peaceful but some times monkey can disturb you else everything seems fine.

punganoor lake

The beautiful lake also offers boating. Do not miss boating and seeing the enchanting valleys around. Interestingly this lake is also in the center of this beautiful hill station and hence tourists and locals both love this place. The boating cost merely 50 rupees only.


Swamimalai Hills

The beautiful Swamimalai hills cover the Yelagiri hills. The Swamimalai hills are the highest point here around the area. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the area from up here. From wildlife lovers to adventure seekers everyone comes here to fulfill their hobby here.

The beautiful surrounding of these hills is unmatched. Also, Swamimalai hills are the favorite spot for trekking. People from not only around the area but also from the nearby state come here for there trekking adventure. Due to its popularity, you can see the hills crowded most times of the year.

swamimalai hills
Beautiful Swamimalai hills

While if you go here post monsoon you would see a little less crowd. Start your trekking adventure from muddy points and reach the top. The trekking experience is really unique. It is not one of those tiring Himalayan treks but is extremely alluring. Dense forests, wildlife, and beautiful landscape make this trek route popular.

Telescope Observatory 

The Vainu Bappu Observatory is near the hills only. This telescope observatory is known as one of the biggest observatories in Asia. There is a 2.3 m or 93-inch telescope there in the observatory. This observatory is solely owned and operated by (IIAp) Indian Institute of Astrophysics.  

The observatory is in Kavalar which is very close to Yelgiri. The telescope here in the observatory is so capable that you can even see a 25 paise coin even from miles away. While it is known for its stunning visuals of the solar system. This observatory shows Tourists a stunning insight into this massive and glorious solar system.

Vainu Bappu Observatory

Jalagandeeswarar Temple

Jalagandeeswarar Temple is one of the biggest and most beautiful temples to visit in Yelagiri hills. This beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is a highly revered and sacred temple for locals.

Bot only the temple is visited due to its significance but also its architecture is one of a kind. The temple is constructed with stones and this exquisite architecture is extremely beautiful. There is an earthen lamp here in the temple which is said to rotate when people lay hands over it. The revolution of this lamp shows that your wish is being granted.

Jalagandeeswarar temple

Velavan Temple

Lord Murugan temples are very famous in Tamil Nadu. Velavan temple also happens to be one of the main attractions in the hills. The temple is surrounded by beautiful trees all around which calms and soothes you.

You are in this calm place and in the backdrop you here ringing of bells which is so pure that it feels you are merging to become one. And also soak in the spectacular views from the temple.

Lord Murugan
Lord Murugan

Herbal Farm

In the proximity of Puganoor lake, there is this beautiful Herbal farm. The farm is managed by the Forest Department of Tamil Nadu and is one of the most beautiful farms here in the Yelagiri hills.

The farm is used to grow many medical herbs which are used for Ayurvedic purpose. People who seek Ayurvedic treatment come here for this. While if you do not want treatment you can surely admire the beauty of this beautiful farm. The lush green farm posses small herbs which look extremely alluring. The strong essence of plants here is adorable.

Nilavoor Lake 

Yes, the number of places in Yelagiri has not stopped and I am sure you are amazed to see that many places in this beautiful hill station. Nilavoor lake is another man made a beautiful lake here in Yelagiri. The lake is a place for all nature and lake lovers.

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You can go on a boat ride here and see the magical lake. Sunset and sunrise around the lake is even more alluring. The lake appears orange and it looks magical. The lake is surrounded by hilly terrain and while boating it looks pretty fantastic. One can hire different boats here. From pedal boats to motor boats Nilavoor Lake offers many options.

Nilavoor lake
Nilavoor lake

Perumal Temple

Perumal temple is one of the biggest temples in Yelagiri. The temple is home to Lord Vishnu, the main deity of the temple. The temple will amaze you with its architectural beauty for sure. Perumal Temple is always flooded with devotees who come here from different parts of the state and country. The exquisite architecture of the temple is undoubtedly very unique and mesmerizing.

It is a very clean temple and you can see volunteers working here most of the time. The temple is carved between rocks in the hills which amuses all of us. The landscape which it offers is amazing too. Whenever you visit the temple you can see carved rangoli which are made by the local artist here of Yelagiri.

Perumal Temple Tamil Nadu
Perumal Temple

Adventure activities in Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri is not only about beautiful valleys, herbs, and exotic landscape it is much more than that. It is an experience filled with adventure and excitement. The hills keep you busy with numerous adventurous activities present here. We can see due to its adventurous activities trekkers love to come to this place. Adventurous activities in Yelagiri hills are

  • Trekking
  • Climbing
  • Rope climbing
  • Paragliding
  • Dart game
  • Camping

Swamimalai hills are known as a favourite place for trekkers here. One of the most famous trekking hills receives a good amount of visitors all year round. One can start trekking from Muddy point and then reach the top. The top is highest in the area hence it is assured that you get to see the best view of the area. The trekking route is short and easy and you surely will feel good with that.

swamimalai hills
Trekking in Swamimalai

There are much organization which organizes adventure camps here. These adventure camps offer mountain climbing, rock climbing, camping, and many other exciting activities. Some of the famous organization which offers these activities are:

Best time to visit Yelagiri Hills

While you can visit Yelagiri at any time of the year but the best time to visit Yelagiri Hills is from September to March.  One should visit right after the monsoon season as the temperature in the valley is pretty awesome and adventure activities can be done at this time.

While one can visit Yelagiri in Summers also as it is a hill station and also it remains one of the coolest places in Tamil Nadu. One can easily experience temperature around good 30s. Summer is great to beat the city heat but trekking becomes a little difficult and waterfall and lake at this time do not look that alluring.

Monsoon is the best season when you want to see the valleys in its most beautiful and raw nature. The rainy season paints the valley in green. The valley looks extremely alluring and magical also everyone will love serene location during monsoon. Also, another reason to visit at this time is waterfalls at this time are scorching and it looks fabulous at this time. But monsoon does come with its drawback as at this time trekking and camping adventure opportunity is very low and it is pretty hard to do these activities.

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That’s why post-monsoon and winters are the best time to see these alluring hills. We can take any opportunity be it trekking, camping or any sort of activity you won’t have any problem. Being a hill station Yelagiri is cold at this time and temperature generally hovers around 10 degrees which makes the atmosphere romantic and beautiful.

punganoor lake

How to Reach Yelagiri Hills

Reaching By Air

The nearest airport from Yelagir is the Vellore airport. Vellore airport is a big airport in Tamil Nadu which is very well connected to a lot of cities in southern India. Vellore airport is just 95 km from here. While if you are looking at the International options than the Chennai airport is there which is 230 km from here. You can easily get a taxi from Vellore airport to reach the hills.

Reaching by Train

The nearest railway station from the Yelagiri hills is the Jolarpettai railway station. The Jolarpettai railway station is only 21 kilometers from here and it takes only half hour to travel. Jolarpetti railway station is well connected to major railway stations. You can then take a taxi from the railway station to reach the hill station.

Reaching By Road

One can find direct buses from major cities that are around the hill station. You can easily get a bus from cities like Salem, Hosur, and Jolarpetti. While if you are coming from other states than or cities like Banglore, Krishnagiri, or Chennai there is a direct bus for Yelagiri from there too.

While if you are coming on your own then Chennai is 230 km from here. Villupuram is 177 km from here. Madurai is around 414 km, Trichy is around 300 km from here. 

Amirthi Forest
Way to Yelagiri

So when are you taking this beautiful journey to this alluring hills? When will you be visiting these enchanting hills? Do let me know when you take this adventure. Comment down below about your adventure, travel, and stay there.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yelagiri

Where to Stay in Yelagiri?

There are many options for stay here in Yelagiri. From affordable to exiquiste there are lot of options here. While I will suggest to go for camps.

What to eat around here?

There are a lot of restaurants and hotels here in the Valley so you have a lot of options. There are options for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegtarians. Do not miss to try authentic Tamil Food here.

Is there any direct bus from Chennai to Yelagiri?

Yes, there is direct bus from Chennai to Yelagiri.

Is there any direct bus from Banglore to Yelagiri?

Yes there is a direct bus from Banglore to Yelagiri.

Is Yelagiri Worth visiting?

From beautiful valleys. waterfalls, temples to some of the most beautiful trekking routes Yelagiri is surely one of the most beautiful and worth visiting places in Tamil Nadu.

How many bends are there in Yelagiri?

There are around 14 hair pin bends here.

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Happy travelling.

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