Sikkim in Northeast India has always been an exotic location for us. With Gangtok, Ravangla, Pelling, and many other alluring places Sikkim remains a very popular destination in India. While there are these many places to visit but the main attraction for us is Zuluk Sikkim. The Zuluk loops or the alluring roads were the first photos that attracted us to it. IT was very fascinating to know in the remotest places of India lies such an exotic place. But it was us who did not know about Zuluk till now.

The famous old Silk route connected Tibet and Kalimpong which was bustling a few decades ago. Zuluk is one of the small centers which is in the path of the Silk route. While at present Zuluk is a small village but I can imagine how famous this small place would be in the traveler’s community. The traders used to go through these paths The valleys, the ambient temperature, sunny day, and happy people make Zuluk an exotic destination to visit.

We know how rich past Zuluk Sikkim has but today also it is very popular. The bustling village is attracting thousands of visitors every year. The scenic landscape of Zuluk has not only attracted traveler’s but also avid photographers.

Permit for Zuluk Sikkim

Yes being a border state Zuluk needs permission which is issued by the state government. A border area permit is required for tourists visiting Zuluk Sikkim and the Silk route due to China’s dominance over Tibet.

The permit can be obtained while approaching Gangtok, you can get a permit from the Sikkim Tourism Office in Gangtok.

What documents Do I need when visiting Zuluk Sikkim?

Any Id proof such as passport, Voter Id, Adahr is valid other than PAN card. With Id proofs you will need 2 passport size photos.
For minors, a birth certificate should be carried.

I will suggest you, confirm with your tour operator about Permit, the tour company will make proper arrangements for your permit without any hassle.

How to reach Zuluk Sikkim

Reaching by Air

Bagdogra airport is the nearest airport for Zuluk. Bagdogra airport is around 140 km from Zuluk. There are various cab services running from Airpor to Zuluk.

Reaching by Train

The nearest and biggest airport is the New Jalpaiguri railway station. The railway station is around 131 km from here but it takes good 5 hours to reach here. Most taxis are available till Kalimpong from where you can get taxis till Zuluk.


Reaching by road

Gangtok being the main city you can easily find bus service from other states till Gangtok and from there are various cabs available for Zuluk. Bus service is good when you either in the state or coming from nearby states.

I would suggest you fly till Bagdogra Airport and take taxis from there for Zuluk Sikkim. I found this cab service which is for Sikkim only Cab in Sikkim(non-sponsored).

Zuluk Sightseeing

Zuluk is not just about alluring roads and loops. The place has far more to offer than what we can imagine. Hills always fascinated me far more than anything. From trekking around to finding new places these hills are a hidden treasure. In Zuluk Sikkim and around there are many places for sightseeing.

Thambi viewpoint

We all love Mountains and if you get a chance to visit and see the highest mountain in India who will miss this fantastic opportunity. Thambi view point is a great place for sunrise views over the Majestic Kanchenjunga.

Thambi viewpoint is a about 14 km from Zuluk. You know why Zuluk is famous for. Of course those dazzling turns and loops which seems to be never ending. The zig zag road only takes you to the Thambi view point. After you cross Zuluk your vehicle will start climbing these steep mountains via these zig zag roads. You will see the majestic Kanchenjunga from here. The full range of eastern Himalayas are visible from Thambi viewpoint.

Thambi view point Zuluk Sikkim
Zuluk view from Thambi view point

The flora and fauna here is also very attractive. Very rare birds like Satyr Tragopan and Himalayan Monal are here. Thambi remains extremely beautiful while you are camping at night. In the evening you will see the sun setting behind these majestic Himalayas and then at night you will sky full stars that look so bright and vibrant. With friends and families this small trip to Thambi viewpoint becomes a fun adventure.

Nathang Valley

Just 23 km from Zuluk is beautiful Nathang valley. If you are a snow lover than you should not miss Nathang valley. While I will recommend you to make it a one day trip to Nathang valley as the lodging resources remains scarce. But even though in one day you will be happy to explore this fantastic himalaysn beauty.

Snowborading, Skiing and many other winter sports are popular here in Nathang valley. While the true beauty of Nathang valley is in winters but in other seasons also this place has a special aura. It gets golden color during autumn season, green during summers and ofcourse a white blanket covers the valley in winters.

Nathang valley zuluk sikkim
Nathang valley roads

Nathang valley is a trip for refreshing and rejeauventaing yourself. Not only there is a monastery and a temple here which adds cham to this already peaceful place but if you explore around the valley you can find some gem places here



While we are already visiting so many awesome places here in Zuluk Sikkim. Why not drive another 10 Km to reach this dazzling place known as Lungthung. Lunthung is a region which you can say is remote. But When visitn Zuluk your journey would be incomplete if you are not visiting Lungthung. The place offers one of the most enticing views of the whole Zuluk valley from over 11,500 ft.

While watching the awesome valley have some Sikkimese tea. There are many small stalls which offer awesome tea. The place is home to many Tibetan refugees who tell you their story of Chineese invasion.

Way to Lungthung


Kupup is another small yet beautiful place near Zuluk. There is a golf course here which remains very popular mong locals. The greenery all around and scenic view attracts many tourists like us here. Kupup valley also recieves a good amount of snowfall in winetrs which makes it very attractive for snow lovers.

Kupup lake
Kupup lake

Not only the Kupup valley is beautiful but the Kupup lake here is also pretty scenic. The Kupup lake is in the shape of an elephant and that’s why it is also known as the Elephant lake here. The Kanchenjunga peaks from Kupup look even more stellar.

Menmecho Lake

As we are already in Kupup a very small little lake is near Kupup. As you drive alon the road you will have a glimpse of this stunning Menemcho lake. The lake is one of the most beautiful lakes I have seen. Its evident that human interference with this place is minimum that’s why it still remains so gorgeous.

Menmecho lake
Menmecho lake

The real charm of this lake is in winter season when the surrounding of lake is covered by a blanket of snow. There is a small bench to sit and look around. The valley looks extremely beautiful and lake remains very clean. The place is also very clickable where you can capture the beauty of the place.

Old Baba Mandir

Built in the honor of great Indian soldier Baba Harbhajan singh this temple has a strong importance. The story of Baba Harbhajan singh is very fascinating and this place is where the samadhi of Baba has been built. It is believed that he is still alive and serving the Indian army. The placce is highly valuable for Indians and Indian soldiers.

old baba mandir sikkim
Old baba mandir

Best time to visit Zuluk Sikkim

Zuluk is a place to enjoy in winters. The month of January recieves very high snowfall in winters and generally the roads gets blocked. While I will suggest you to visit Zuluk from November to December and in February if you love cold weather and Snowfall. It generally starts to experience snow in mid decembers which goes on till late January.

While the snowfall is for few months but the layer of snow remains for a good amount of time. March and April is the window when not only you can see the blanket of snow all around also you will have no hassle in travelling around. In March and April the temperature also starts to rise and the Sub zero temeprature of area slowy starts to vanish away.

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Spring season blesses the place more. You can see flowers blooming around and the place looks like a painting. The mountains get colorful and the sky is a beautiful blue. The months of August and September by far remains very popular for tourists.

Wildlife of Zuluk Sikkim

Zuluk has always fascinated travellers with its alluring valleys and snow capped peaks. The wildlife is another such thing which completes the already cahrming place. The wildlife in Zuluk remains from common to exotic species. Himalayan bear, wild dogs and Deers remain by far the most fascinating animals to watch. If you get lucky enough there are tigers reported around the valley, but it is very hard to find them.

While not only animals attract you but there are many species of birds that make Zuluk famous. Zuluk is home to Monal Pheasant, Snow Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, and many other exotic birds. The place is also home to many other migratory birds that come here every season.

Where to Stay in Zuluk Sikkim?

If you would have talked few years ago that where should I stay in Zuluk than there were very few places. While Zuluk largely remained away from being called as a tourist place but slowly and gradually this place is booming like nothing else.

Now every big booking sites from to tripadvisor they have their own parterenered hotels and homestays here in Zuluk. Not only these Interanational companies but our own Oyo, Make my trip, Yatra and many other Indian companies provide lodging facilities here in Zuluk.

There are over 50+ home staying options present at this time in Zuluk Sikkim.

Some Common FAQ’S

Best time to visit Zuluk Sikkim?

August and September remains by far the most popular months in Zuluk.

How far is Zuluk from Gangtok?

161 km

Is Zuluk worth visiting?

Zuluk is slowly becoming a very popular hill station in India. The place offers alluring Himalayan views, lush green valleys many dazzling lakes and many other exotic place. This offbeaten place remains perfect for your next holiday.

Where is the Silk Route?

The silk route is an ancient trade route which used to connect Asia with Europe and Africa.

What is the Elevation of Zuluk?

IT is roughly around 3,048 meters

Hey if you have some doubts about Sikkim or Zuluk you can comment below and I will try to answer your queries.

Also if you are into our North eastern adventures do read my Northeast diary here.

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